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How does an Addin retrieve and process data from the AddinRoot?

Apr 11, 2012 at 5:11 PM

I'm planning to use Mono.Addins in my C#/.NET project.

For that, I've read the Programming Guide and Reference Manual presented in, downloaded the latest version of source code from, and successfully built all the samples included in the source package. However, whether the online documents or sample projects, all try to demonstrate how to extend an AddinHost by creating new instances of an ExtensionNode. There seems to miss something about how to retrieve and process data from the AddinHost.

For example, say I have a text editor, which processes RTF document, and I want to provide the possibility for addins to find/replace the document with its own way (For example, Regex / Forward / Backward / Whole document / Current Line...), so the addin need to get the content from AddinHost first. This is the question I need an answer for.

Any ideas?